One way that we can all contribute to a safer and more civil internet, and a freer exchange of ideas, is to actively participate in the removal of online hate when we come across it online. Hate and harassment of which you are NOT the direct focus, can be reported in one of two ways, either through the social media or internet providers flagging system or through the HONR Link Share Program, which helps evaluate and share links with other HONR Friends and Volunteers for mass flagging.

If you are the victim of a particular post, you can find more assistance under the What We Do tab.

Direct Flagging

Social media platforms suggest that “flagging” a post or photo that you believe is either illegal or a violation of their TOS (terms of service) is the most effective way of reporting hate. Each platform has it’s own procedure for flagging content. Look at the corners of a violating post or photo for a small flag icon or a group of dots or dashes that trigger a drop-down menu with different reporting or flagging options.

This is the procedure for Facebook:

1. select the drop down menu.

The three dots in the right hand corner trigger a drop down menu.

facebook flag 01.JPG

2.Select “Give Feedback On This Post”

3. Select the issue

Select the issue with the post and hit send.


HONR Link Share Program

With tens of millions of posts and pictures flagged on social media platforms each WEEK, even the most serious hate and harassment posts can be ignored or go unaddressed for weeks or months if the content has only been flagged a few times.

To help identify and bring the most egregious instances of online hate and harassment to the attention of content moderators, we employ a “link share” program. Simply share a link in the form below, volunteers will review for legally unprotected content and TOS violations, and if appropriate, will forward the link to our network of volunteers globally who will each flag the post. This method of mass flagging has been extremely effective.