Social media’s Evolving Response to Online Threats

HONR releases 1st quarter white paper on the evolving position of major social media providers in response to online threats and proposes a better way to handle online hate, harassment, sexual attacks, stalking, and other cyber crimes on social media.



HONR Network is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization founded after the Sandy Hook massacre. The initial goal of the organization was to end the continued harassment and intentional torment of the victim's families, who suffered abuse and additional anguish after being targeted by online hoax and hate purveyors. As additional mass-casualty events occurred, and the families of other victims similarly became targets, and reached out for help, the organization mission expanded to include them. Today the HONR Network mission has evolved even further of to provide guidance and a network of support for all affected by online harassment, hate campaigns and victimization, to provide education for professionals dealing with the effects of harassment in the workplace and on campuses, and to provide policy assistance for online platforms and legislators seeking to make the internet a safer, more inclusive place for all.


 HONR Launches Education Initiatives

Geared towards professionals, specifically in law enforcement, University administration, and corporate human resource fields, HONR education programs bring professionals up-to-speed on the latest online threats, their responsibilities to constituents, students, and employees to provide a safe environment, and best practices in dealing with both perpetrators and victims.




have experienced prolonged online hate and harassment campaigns classified as severe, including threats of violence, sexual harassment, mobbing, pressure to suicide, harassment that continues offline, and stalking.*

Together, through empowerment, education, and advocacy we can effect change and create a safer more inclusive online experience for all.

Help us achieve this goal.


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