Advocacy Programs

One of the most important and significant steps that we can take to insure that the internet is a safe and inclusive place for all, is the establishment of clear cut laws concerning the spread of hate, the incitement or participation in harassment, the misuse of victim’s photos, likenesses, and personal information and any attack online designed to seek cyber based revenge, blackmail, or cybercide. In addition to well publicized laws, we need to establish deterrent, compensatory, punishments when predators and perpetrators use the internet to harm others. This can only be achieved with the help of informed, educated, and impassioned law makers.

As a non-partisan organization we work with politicians on both sides of the isle to craft public messages, position sheets, talking points, and ultimately legislation to help insure that laws are changed, enacted, broadened, and strengthened in order to protect internet users and that perpetrators who are destroying people’s personal and professional lives, defaming and harassing victims of publicized violence, and using the internet to blackmail, and harangue victims to suicide, are punished appropriately.

If you are a politician or work on a political committee and would like more information about cyber based hate and harassment and what can be done on a local, state, and national level, we would be happy to provide you with statistics, case studies, current laws, and talking points so that you can take a stand against this far-reaching and insidious crime.

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