Educational Programs For Law Enforcement

You joined the force to protect and serve your community, yet many in law enforcement feel powerless to help victims of cyber-based crimes. One in five adults in America is victimized by online attacks, while not all will report the abuse to the police, tens of thousands of reports are made annually. Unfortunately, while legislation is slowly catching up with technology and providing legal framework for prosecuting cyber-aggressors, members of law enforcement have often found themselves ill-equipped to pursue online crimes or provide protection or support to victims. Without a cognizant and responsive law enforcement, those who use the internet as a weapon can’t face justice, even when effective laws are ratified.

HONR offers individualized education programs to members of law enforcement, tailored to the current laws in their particular jurisdiction. In addition to learning about the motivations and methodology of cyber abusers, participants will gain a better understanding of effects of cyber crimes on victims and on the community, how to more effectively collect evidence in cyber based crimes, and provide more meaningful support for victims and their families.

Currently, HONR offers comprehensive education options through class room style training, however, video based classes are in development.

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