HONR Educates Professionals

law enforcement, Schools, Employers, and other groups on Cyber-aggression

The best way to minimize cyber hate, harassment and other aggressive online behavior is through education. An educated populous is less likely to violate the rights of others inadvertently or to use social media to purposefully inflict harm on others, simply because they are made aware of the consequences. However, educating the general population is only effective if people in positions of authority are also educated. Time and time again, unfortunately, we find that employers, schools, and even members of law enforcement are woefully ignorant as to the magnitude and effects of cyber crime and the best practices that they can implement to better protect victims and manage perpetrators. In fact, we often see that these organizations make matters worse, further victimizing cyber crime targets, emboldening perpetrators through lack of action, and even creating legal liabilities for themselves.

HONR provides educational programs tailored specifically to organizations legally obligated to provide a safe environment; schools, institutions, assisted living facilities, and employers. Additionally employers can learn how to implement company time and equipment use policies that protect both staff and the company brand, should an employee engage in cyber crime or an employee become a victim. HONR also provides educational programs for law enforcement to help members better understand the effects of cyber crime and to provide more positive and supportive interactions with victims and programs for organizations (political, cultural, and religious) frequently targeted with cyber aggression.


Education for Law Enforcement & Victim Advocates

While legislation is slowly catching up with technology and providing legal framework for prosecuting cyber-aggressors, members of law enforcement have often found themselves ill-equipped to pursue online crimes or provide protection or support to victims. Similarly, victim’s advocates, often excellent in providing support and resources to victims of more traditional felonies, can find it difficult to provide meaningful services to victims of cyber-crimes.

HONR offers comprehensive education options for police departments and victims advocates to help them better understand cyber-aggression and the offline damage that online crime can cause, as well as the types of support that victims need to help them feel safe and be proactive in their own security.


Education for Universities, Schools and Institutions

Teens and young adults are especially vulnerable to cyber harassment that leads to self-harm and suicide as well as revenge porn and online blackmail, both as victims and perpetrators. Educators also face cyber bullying, with a recent study showing that 1 in 7 teachers had been bullied or threatened online. Additionally, Universities are the fastest growing arena for the dissemination of cyber-hate.

HONR provides targeted education that focuses on acceptable and legal behavior online that celebrates free expression while establishing the difference between protected and non-protected speech. We can also assist in the development and promotion of protocol, education, and resources for victims of cyber-aggression, while establishing protection for institutions against potential legal action.

Education for Employers and Organizations

Companies and organizations of all sizes face a myriad of issues when it comes to employees or members using the internet. From employees posting controversial opinions or proprietary information on company social media to bullying or harassing clients/customers or other employees using company emails, employers can be held legally liable for the behavior of employees online.

HONR assists companies and organizations to craft online usage policy that both informs employees and members of acceptable online protocol and lays out consequences if company social media, servers, or email are misused or if cyber-harassment is being carried out on company time or in such a way as to negatively impact the brand. We also provide training to employees to better protect themselves and the company brand online and to report incidents of cyber-aggression.


Education for Other Groups

Many political, religious, and cultural groups and their members have found themselves the focus of cyber aggression. Often perpetrated by opposing factions, “social justice warriors,” or online-vigilantes who feel that those who disagree with their personal ideologies should be named, shamed, and humiliated (or in some cases actually harmed or killed), many organizations find themselves at a loss as to how to protect their brand and reputation as well as protect their members from online attacks that move offline.

HONR can create educational programs specifically tailored to a particular group and their individual needs. Focusing on protecting members, their identities and personal information while creating a rich social media and online presence, our educational programs are designed to create effective, simple protocol and provide relevant online training.


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Together, through empowerment, education, and advocacy we can effect change and create a safer more inclusive online experience for all.

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