Is the HONR Network a non-profit?

HONR Network is a 501.c.3 non-profit corporation, organized in Florida. As a public charity, the HONR Network is exempt from federal income taxes. Our Tax ID number is #82-3556040.

What is the mission of the HONR Network?

Founded after the Sandy Hook massacre, the initial goal of the organization was to end the continued harassment and intentional torment of the victim's families, who suffered abuse and additional anguish after being targeted by online hoax and hate purveyors. As additional mass-casualty events occurred, and the families of other victims similarly became targets, and reached out for help, the organization mission expanded to include them.

Today the HONR Network mission has evolved even further to provide guidance and a network of support for all affected by online harassment, hate campaigns and victimization, to provide education for professionals dealing with the effects of harassment in the workplace and on campuses, and to provide policy assistance for online platforms and legislators seeking to make the internet a safer, more inclusive place for all.

What has the HONR network achieved?

Since inception, the HONR Network has been instrumental in the removal tens of thousands of illegal and harassing posts, pictures, videos, blogs, and other content created to torment, harass, manipulate, and intimidate survivors and the families of victims of mass casualty and highly publicized events. Additionally, we have provided removal assistance and guidance for victims of other cyber-crimes including harassment, hate campaigns, revenge porn, and stalking. We continue to be the first line of defense for countless victims of online hate and harassment.

We have also become a valued partner with many of the largest social media and online platform providers and help to improve their removal process and establish better policy.

This year we have also embarked on an education campaign, designed to teach people about their rights and responsibilities online. Specialist classes for professionals, human resources, universities, and law enforcement are in development.

Does the HONR Network Support any political Party?

The HONR Network is a non-partisan organization and is not affiliated with any political party. Board members and volunteers represent the complete range of political affiliations.

Is the HONR Network affiliated with other organizations or causes?

No, the HONR Network is not affiliated with other organizations or causes. While the HONR Network was founded in direct response to online attacks on Noah Pozner and other Sandy Hook massacre victims and their families, the HONR Network is not affiliated with other Sandy Hook related charities.

Additionally, many of the members of the HONR Network Board are active in their own political and philanthropic causes. However, no affiliation with other organizations should be assumed.

How can I help the HONR Network achieve its goals?

Beings a responsible user of social media is the first step in achieving our goals. Report incidents of cyber aggression when you see it. You can find out more about the various ways to report online hate and harassment under the HONR Advocates tab. You can write letters to your political representative, report things directly to the social media provider or platform, join our forum to help in mass removal requests, or report online hate to us when you find it.

You can also show your support by wearing HONR apparel, which is available in our shop.

The HONR Network depends on the dedication and hard work of volunteers. Professionals with relevant knowledge can volunteer their services to victims through Join the Network and everyone can volunteer to help locate and remove hate and harassment online through the closed Facebook group the HONR Forum or if you don’t have social media, through our volunteer form.

How Can I Help Financially?

Like most non-profit organizations, the HONR Network relies on the generous donations of people concerned with the magnitude and power of hate and harassment online. Each donation helps support our mission to protect survivors and victim’s families from targeted harassment and to create a safer, more inclusive internet through empowerment, education and advocacy. There are several different ways to donate to the HONR Network.