Behind the Screen

A series of mini docs examining the relationship between social media and the real people behind the computer, laptop, and mobile phone screen. This series is in pre-production, updates and release dates will be announced as appropriate.

Identifying Hoaxes, Hate, & Fake News Online

Examines the difficulty in distinguishing fact from fiction in the easily augmented world of the internet and the staggering, real world consequences of believing and acting on bad information.

The First Amendment and the Internet

Explains the rights and responsibilities established under the First Amendment as well as traditionally accepted, though not legally protected “free speech” norms and how these concepts fare when they butt up against the rights of others.

Hoaxers, Trolls, and Cyber Hucksters

Examines the motivations and methodology used by hoaxers, trolls and online snake oil salesmen to gain followers, spread misinformation, and generate personal wealth.

The Effects of Online Hate and Harassment

From the “chilling effect” on free speech to the destruction of people’s personal and professional lives, even suicide and murder, the effects of online hate and harassment have dire consequences on victims and those around them.

The Future of Social Media

Examines the changing role of social media globally and how countries are creating laws in an attempt to balance the spread of democratic ideas with the spread of hate.