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Today, the fight to protect the memory of Noah Pozner and the other victims and families impacted by the Sandy Hook massacre, continues. But over the past six years, countless others impacted by mass-casualty tragedies and widely publicized violence, individuals targeted with online hate and harassment campaigns, as well as officials baffled as to what to do about the proliferation of online hate, have reached out for advice and assistance.

Recognizing the lack of protection for victims, the fundamental misunderstanding of the difference between protected "free speech" and illegal harassment and hate speech, and an often tone deaf response by politicians, law makers, law enforcement, and even social media platforms themselves, the focus of the HONR Network has expanded.

  • Our goal is to empower victims and their families through education and advocacy.

  • Our goal is to provide education to victims as well as to law enforcement, employers, and others who deal with victims of online aggression.

  • Our goal is to help craft impactful policy and legislative reform that makes the internet a safer, more inclusive, place for all.



HONR mentors and guides victims and their families, helping them to understand the online climate, make good decisions about their online presence and security, and work with social media and internet platforms to minimize the attacks. Through our network of professionals, HONR can also help victims and their families find appropriate legal, media, and counseling support.

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HONR provides victims of online hate and harassment a myriad of assistance. From step-by-step guidance for the reporting and removal of harassing content from social media, blogs, and websites, to acting as a liaison between victims and social media providers, and providing a network of professionals that can provide legal, emotional, and other specialist support both during and after attacks, HONR is dedicated to protecting victims and ending the proliferation of online hate.

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Educates Social Media and Internet Users

HONR creates educational programs focusing on internet usage, rights, and responsibilities for the general public. Additionally, special programs are created for different age groups and are appropriate for youth clubs and classrooms. We believe that the first line of defense against online hate and harassment is education. We also create educational programs for and with social media and internet providers, designed to inform users as to acceptable online behaviors as per individual terms of service contracts.

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HONR provides educational programs tailored specifically schools, employers, and organizations that are legally obligated to provide safe environments (work, school, etc.). Additionally employers can learn how to implement company time and equipment use policies that protect both staff and the company brand, should an employee engage in cyber crime or an employee become a victim. HONR also provides educational programs for law enforcement to help members better understand the effects of cyber crime and to provide more positive and supportive interactions with victims.

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Advises SOCIAL MEDIA Providers, politicians, AND advocacy organizations

HONR is a non-partisan organization working with politicians and political groups to create succinct positions and workable solutions to eliminate cyber hate and harassment, while embracing and protecting Constitutionally protected speech and free expression. We advise on cyber hate issues and report on the effects that cyber hate has on victims, families, business, and communities.

HONR also partners with many social media and internet service providers to report cyber aggression and to help craft more effective anti-harassment policies.

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30% Of Americans

have experienced hate or harassment online that focuses on their physical appearance, on their race or ethnicity, on their age, or on their gender or sexuality.*

Together, through empowerment, education, and advocacy we can effect change and create a safer more inclusive online experience for all.

Help us achieve this goal.