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We welcome professionals with experience in harassment, cybercrime, crisis management, reputation repair, and emotional support for victims of online hate and harassment to join the HONR Network referral program. Victims of online hate and harassment are provided information and contact details about HONR Network members who specialize in their particular needs. Please complete the form below for consideration. 

Don't have relevant experience but still want to help? Consider VOLUNTEERING!

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HONR Network Referral Program FAQS

  • The referral program is open to professional individuals or organizations with relevant experience and if required in your state, a valid professional license.

  • Victims who request referrals will be provided with information and contact details for appropriate HONR Network members. If interested, they will contact a network member. We NEVER share victim's details.

  • There are NO fees associated with being a member of the HONR Network.


163 per day - 12 Years Ago

A 2006 University of Maryland study found that female sounding names in chat rooms received on average, 163 malicious, sexually explicit or threatening messages per day. Internet usage has more than quadrupled since the study.*

Together, through empowerment, education, and advocacy we can effect change and create a safer more inclusive online experience for all.

Help us achieve this goal.