safer social media

HONR Launches Safer Social Media Campaign

Safer Social Media Campaign

Victims of harassment suffer in silence and shame because they don’t know how to make the attacks stop. Perpetrators feel protected online by anonymity and often fail to realize that they are committing a crime. Many people wrongly believe that they can say or do anything online without consequence, due to the First Amendment. All share a lack of awareness of both their rights and their responsibilities when it comes to online behavior. This lack of awareness isn’t difficult to understand, few internet users receive any instruction or education prior to going online.

At HONR, we believe that the first and best line of defense against online harassment, is education.

Our goal with this campaign is to create a series of educational videos designed to help people navigate the online world. From understanding social media’s terms of services, and how to deal with online harassment, to understanding the limitations of free speech, and identifying facts vs online conspiracy theories, at HONR, we believe that education is the key.

By creating brief, easy-to-understand videos, on a variety of online harassment focused topics, we can help people to understand their rights and responsibilities online ultimately make the internet a safer and more inclusive place for all.

Please help us reach our goal.