Write Your Legislators

One of the most powerful ways that we as citizens can effect change, is to petition our legislators to propose and enact laws that better protect us when technological advances are misused to circumvent basic human rights. However, as recent Facebook, Twitter, and Google hearings showed, many in political office are less then internet savvy. If they are unaware or don’t fully understand the scope of the problem, how can they promote better protection for us?

Letter writing campaigns have proved very effective in the past, to both educate legislators and impress upon them the severity of a particular issue. But, impassioned writers can inadvertently put off legislators with inflammatory words, long descriptive narratives, or be unclear as to what they want to realistically accomplish. Following in the footsteps of other successful letter writing campaigns, we have provided sample letters that can be downloaded, customized, and mailed to your legislators that while brief and to the point, both express the magnitude of the problem and a thoughtful solution.

Potential state laws are addressed in the state legislature, where as federal laws are proposed in Congress. You can find a list of your Congress members, either Senators or Representatives of the House here or get more information about your state legislators, current bills being considered, and procedures at the State Legislature Websites link. Please remember that letters sent from addresses outside of a legislator’s district can be rejected and go unopened. Some people prefer email, however, many politicians have admitted to either not using email frequently or in some cases….at all.


Sample Letters:

Online Bullying

Online Harassment

Online Revenge

Failure of Social Media Providers

Failure of Police and Law Enforcement


Where to send letters:

You can send letters to the office of your local or state representatives by finding out who they are and where to send correspondence at this terrific website:

State Legislator Websites

You can send letters to your members of Congress at one of the addresses below.

United States Senators

The Honorable (put your Senator’s name here)

United States Senate

Washington, DC 20510

US House of Representatives

The Honorable (put your legislator’s name here)

US House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20515


72% Look to Politicians

and other elected officials to do more to address online harassment. However, a lack of internet savvy on the part of many senior level politicians results in a lack of awareness or understanding of the problem.*

Together, through empowerment, education, and advocacy we can effect change and create a safer more inclusive online experience for all.

Help us achieve this goal.